Wardrobe Edit

“I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!”

  • You’re an impulsive shopper who forgets what’s hanging in that stuffed wardrobe and buys pieces you already have?
  • You’re a minimalist but your look has become a bit of a ‘uniform?’
  • You just can’t get rid of that fabulous dress you wore to your 21st birthday, the suit you were wearing when you got your first job (yes, the one with the shoulder pads) or that designer dress you got for a bargain in Paris that was a size too small when you bought it?


How does it work?
First of all, it fun!! It is done in the privacy of your home.
Once your personal style needs are determined, Kimba will go through your wardrobe with you, piece by piece. Some things may need to be tried on, others just looked at. Kimba will give you advice on each piece as to whether it flatters your body shape and whether it deserves to stay in your wardrobe! She may even suggest simple alterations that can be made to pieces to make them fit you better. While Kimba will be honest, she will also listen to you. If you have an old sentimental favourite in your wardrobe that hasn’t seen the light in years, but you don’t want to get rid of it, you don’t have to.


Kimba can also organize your wardrobe space so that choosing clothes is easier. She will encourage you to try on different combinations from your wardrobe that you’ve never tried before. Suggest new styles that will work in well with your existing pieces and tell you where you can find them. Kimba will show you how to accessories and change your looks with easy.

During the wardrobe edit, Kimba will take notes that will be used to type up your individual Style Plan. This is emailed to you following your appointment. The Style Plan details all the tips for dressing for your shape, suggestions for what’s needed to update or compliment your existing wardrobe and anything else discussed during the consultation.

Each look we put together will be photographed, so don’t worry, you won’t have to remember what we have styled. Kimba will present you with a laminated style guide with all your pictures so you can easily see what looked amazing. This has been liberating for busy women. All they do in the morning is look at their style guide and select the outfit that fits their mood and their plans for the day. Quick, Simple, Stunning!!

Get Rid of Emotional Baggage
Many people hold on to clothes because they represent a different time in their life, whether good or bad. Do you have your ‘skinny’ clothes still hanging in your wardrobe? Reminding you every day of what size you used to be? Keeping these clothes in view for the ‘one day’ they may fit again is emotional torture to anyone who has experienced weight gain or changes to their shape. Kimba will focus on the size and shape you are now and help you dress in the most flattering way. It’s about working with what you’ve got, determining your assets and showing them off!

Save Money
The wardrobe edit can save you money because following Kimba’s advice you will have clear ideas about how to shop and what to look for. Many clients learn how to better utilise what they already have in their wardrobes meaning that they actually don’t need to buy anything at all! Knowing that everything in your wardrobe works for you, knowing how to pull it all together, saves you money in the long term. Having Kimba’s Style Plan also helps you be a smarter shopper.

Learn from Mistakes
Style isn’t something that you are born with, but it is something anyone can learn. The information that you will learn during a Wardrobe Edit will help you to better dress for your shape, disguise any problem areas and most importantly, show off those assets. Looking stylish is as much about knowing what not to wear as it is about knowing what suits you.

Do you want?
• Practical advice on how to dress for your body shape?
• Advice on how to mix and match your existing pieces better to therefore maximise your wardrobe?
• Advice on what’s missing in your wardrobe and where to get it on your budget?
• Improve the way you look and feel about yourself?

**This Styling Service is available within 150km of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Skype and other areas will be considered.**

I can’t wait to work with you, we are going to have fun!

Kimba JB xox

+61 427 595 691