Louise D


Wow! 3 hours with Kimba and my wardrobe is decluttered, organised and refreshed with new looks by creating new outfits from my existing wardrobe. What more could a girl want!


Ocean Grove

You know how I always look fabulous??? Well I have a little secret I’m prepared to share with you.

Kimba is a rockstar when it comes to helping you put it all together. Not only did she help me look good, but I also felt amazing – and most of the clothes we put together were already in my wardrobe not being worn!

So get yourself an appointment with Kimba and be fab!

Video Testimonial




For years I have looked at my wardrobe and thought ‘all these clothes, but I don’t want to wear any of them’, for me it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to wear, I just wanted to look great and didn’t feel like I did with what I had. So I’d stick to my same old ‘safe’ outfits. I’d buy clothes and I’d like them, but never feel ‘fabulous’ in them. I thought about using your services (I procrastinated) for so long. But once I did, I can now say I really do feel fabulous! People have commented ‘wow I wouldn’t have thought an outfit like that would suit you, but you look incredible!’ and that’s the thing, you totally know just how to match the right cut of clothing to flatter any body type. Things I wasn’t confident enough to wear, or things I was wearing and not realising were unflattering – you magically fixed it all. I wish I had of done it sooner. Thank you so much Kimba! Now that I’ve been “kimba-fied” I have so much choice in my wardrobe which has done wonders for my confidence (and time when getting dressed!). Thank you!!