Stylist Kimba JB

Stylist Kimba JB

Hi, I’m Kimba.

An Image Consultant specializing in helping women over 40, kick off their drab out-dated image and transform into effortlessly looking fabulous every day!

With over 18 years’ experience in Retail Buying, working for some of Australia’s biggest retailers.  My experience in trend forecasting and range development gave me the foundation I needed to create my own company working directly with women, assisting them in establishing a fabulous style, no matter their size, shape or age.

Being able to connect and relate to the challenges many busy women shared, that their image didn’t reflect who they wanted the world to see. I knew I wanted to share my insights to help others find an Image that left then feeling confident and fabulous every day!

I love seeing the transformation not just on the outside, but also on the inside as a woman connects to her true self.

“My philosophy is that everyone deserves to feel confident and fabulous no matter their size, shape or age, and I give that to my clients by enabling them to do it for themselves using my techniques and services.”

Imagine standing in front of your wardrobe and knowing EXACTLY what to wear today.  Life without the wardrobe meltdown of “I’ve got nothing to wear”, something you thought was an urban myth!

Knowing that you leave the house with your head held high. Your self-confidence grows every time you walk into a room and someone thinks WOW…she has her shit together!!

Let’s get in touch and chat about making this happen for you.

❤ Kimba xox