I have a chunky arm issue!!

Every time I see them I think Tuck shop lady or that cartoon lady in the Smachos advert.

Am I OK with that……not really, but I am OK with the fact that I am in this moment a healthy, beautiful woman.

Dorothy and Roger

Dorothy and Roger

Like lots of women, there are parts of my body I prefer to cover rather than show.


If you are OK with your arms, no matter what size, that’s awesome.

I cheer on every woman to be true to herself, but it really is an individual thing and if you want to cover up, that’s OK.

Right, now that we have that out of the way.


What styles to avoid and what styles to look for to draw attention away from your arms.

I would avoid Slim Sleeves. Unless the cut of the garment is very clever, a slim sleeve will draw attention to your arm size.

I love the shape of the sleeve pictured on the green dress. The cut is nicely fitted across the shoulder but a looser cut underneath with the sides of the dress sitting loosely.  Space between your arm and the sleeve creates the illusion of bulk in the fabric, not your arm.

Kimono Sleeves can look amazing, but the key is not to have a fabric that is too stiff. A softer fabric will create a delicate drape.

Kimba xox

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