Focus on what you wear most

White Cami Top

A simple step that will give you immediate results is focusing on what you wear most.

White Cami Top

Basics are the foundation that holds our wardrobe together.

I make sure the items I wear frequently are center stage in my wardrobe. Items I don’t wear often or that out not relevant to the current season, I move out of site.

This can be as simple as using the middle of your wardrobe or the space that you see first as the focal point. Only clothes that are on current rotation will be in that space. Move other pieces to the sides so you’re not distracted by them and having to flick through them to find what you’re looking for.

Take note of what’s missing. When you look at this section, it there a coat of shirt that will go with everything and create lots of new outfits out of your favorites.

A wardrobe that isn’t working is due to the clutter of pieces not being worn,  in the way of your favorites and also the lack of foundation pieces that tie everything together.

I’ve worked with a client that had a whole draw of white camis. They wear a key piece that was used as a base layer to many of her outfits. When I was styling her fro her existing wardrobe we needed that piece. Yet everyone that she pulled out, she rejected and put it back in the draw because it was discoloured, out of shape, fatigued. There must have been 20 white tops in there. Now she isn’t a hoarder, and I see this same pattern again and again.

So the first thing we wrote on her shopping list was 3 white camis, in a good quality fabric. These where key foundation pieces in her wardrobe, they were worn often so they needed to be quality.

The whole draw was disregarded they weren’t even suitable to donate). Simple things like this happen so easily to even the most organized person. Yet the impact on getting dressed effortlessly each day is impacted by this.