Mindset Hacks to Help You Declutter

Believe me when I assure you even I have items in my wardrobe that I don’t wear, but can’t let go of.

It’s easily overlooked that mindset is one of the biggest hurdles to releasing the excess in our wardrobes.

I know how it feels. You struggle to de-clutter, keeping things you plan to use “one day”. Your intentions are to wear them, but too often never get around to it or each time you go to wear it something just isn’t right so you hang it back up.

Many of us struggle to declutter things when we know we spent a lot of money on them. You feel guilty for wasting money. Angry at yourself when you recognize you are acting out the same patterns that lead you to this excess of clothing you don’t wear.

Being realistic and honest with yourself about how likely you are to actually use the item is difficult.

But there is a solution. Follow these simple steps to help shift your mindset, and release what isn’t working in your wardrobe.

  1. If you are convinced you will use it, give yourself a deadline. Put a reminder in your calendar, and if you haven’t used the item by the deadline, get rid of it.
  2. Remind yourself that the money is already spent. Holding on to the item won’t get your money back. If the item isn’t adding value to your life, it shouldn’t stay in your home. Let it go and let go of the burden, guilt, clutter, and stress it adds to your life.
  3. Ask yourself one final question, “Would I pay money for this now, today?”. If it’s a no, there is your answer.

Bag up these items and donate them. Someone is going to be so grateful for the beautiful new outfit they find in the Opshop. That beautiful new dress you never wore, could become just what another lady who is doing it tough needs to lift her spirits. How amazing it that.

Kimba xox

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