Static Cling

The Easy Way to Get Rid of Annoying Static Cling.


Is Static Cling showing more of you than you’d like?

As the weather gets cooler you reach for your pants and stocking. The simple solution to transitioning your wardrobe to winter and keeping you warm. You head to work and haven’t noticed the subtle build up of electricity, and by mid morning your dress is leaving nothing to the imagination as it clings to your body like glad wrap!

If you’ve ever been a victim of static, you know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be!

The quickest life hack I know to solve this is to simply place a safety pin on the inner hem of your garment. This will dispel the charge and leave you cling-free. And don’t overlook your coat, it will lessen not only your undergarments cling to it, but also reduce the fluff and lint that always seems to be attracted to your favorite coat.

Reduces Static

Reduces Static

You can also apply the same principle using a safety pin in the dryer, in lieu of static-absorbing dryer sheets. Just attach one or two pins to something small like a towel or a sock and the metal will act as a mini-lightning rod for the mini-lightning in your dryer.

If you’re stuck with no pin, try wetting your hands and then lightly running them over the garment to desensitizes the static electricity, allowing your dress to fall normally.

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Do you have any static horror stories?