Fabric Matters

By Stylist Kimba JB

When a white T-shirts anchor your wardrobe, finding the right cut and fabric matters, even if what separates one style from another is price.

Most cheap T-shirts are too flimsy and floppy to be worn solo, after one wash they loose there shape, appearing thinner.

So why does this matter?

Well, we are a lot more discerning than we realise, each time we are standing in front of our wardrobe putting an outfit together, we pull these item out, look them over and reject them as they look to shabby.

I really like to educate my clients on ‘cost per wear’, when we build your capsule wardrobe we must identify the anchors, those items that form the base of many outfits.
The anchors need to stand up to lots of wear and washing and still look fabulous!

If funds are limited, these are the items we pencil in to find in the sales.

Getting this right makes getting dressed so easy, grab the hanger, put it on, out the door!

You look fabulous!

White T'Shirt. An essentional foundation piece in your wardrobe.

White T’Shirt. An essentional foundation piece in your wardrobe.

Add a jacket to dress it up.

Embrace your sporty!