10 Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Own

When you find that perfect outfit,  you never have to worry about “not having anything to wear.” Getting the foundation pieces correct is key to making this a reality.

“A wardrobe built on key items makes day-to-day dressing effortless”.

The 10 Wardrobe Essentials are those items you can mix and match, they are the solid building blocks you know you can rely on.

Whether you’re getting dressed for work or Sunday lunch. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to building up the “essentials” section of your wardrobe, these key essential pieces should get you started.

Asymmetrical Shirt

This take on a classic wardrobe staple makes it fun and a little different. Add a fresh twist with some creative buttoning for a niche neckline, then team it with skinny jeans for casual chic.

Statement Dress.

It needs to stand out and be in a fabric that does double duty, day or night!
It’s the dress you reach for with confidence, knowing you will feel and look your best.

Leather Jacket

My pick, a biker jacket. 
On my recent trip to Italy I picked up a gorgeous chocolate brown biker jacket. 
It won’t date and is definitely an investment pieces you will wear year after year.
Perfect for a casual day look or edgy evening outfit.

Slim Jeans

Skinny Jeans go with absolutely everything.
It shocks me that not long ago, many of us regarded skinny jeans as a passing fad. Now, years have passed and we all know that the skinny jean is an item that’s here to stay.
They have the staying power to warrant splurging on a designer pair you love, but I honestly have never paid more $40 for mine. 
My current obsession is a black pair from Kmart $35 and a dark denim from Katie’s on sale $15.
The best pair I ever owned was a $9 pair from Target that I wore constantly.
This is one of those items that you must have that you don’t need to splurge on!

Tote Bag

Some days you need a big bag!

For work or weekend, I love a tote. I keep the contents of my bag in various airline toiletries bag, you know the ones they give you with the toothbrush and sleep mask etc. well they are perfect!! I use one for my diary and pen. One for lippy and messy makeup stuff. This makes it really simple to change bags and discard what isn’t needed for the day.

Key pieces are added each day until we get to no 10! To follow on and see each piece as it drops, jump over to ‘Styling Yourself Made Simple’ facebook group. Kimba xox